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The Young Accountancy Group offers expert financial services for closely held corporations, privately owned firms, entrepreneurs, and individuals needing high-level financial accounting and financial business support.

Business Valuations and intangible assets
Forensic accounting
Litigation support services
Business Planning Consulting

Business Valuations

A professional business valuation allows business owners to assess their total economic assets and liabilities. Business valuations are essential for firms experiencing many types of changes including:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Business interruption, damages, or lost profits
  • Buying or selling a business
  • Estate planning
  • Exit strategies
  • Financial statement presentation
  • Marital dissolution
  • Sale of stock to key employees
  • Shareholder or partner disputes
  • Succession planning

The Young Accountancy Group has extensive experience in business valuations in a variety of industries.

We know that your business is unique and there should never be a one-size-fits-all method where numbers are put into a spreadsheet and a value is calculated. Our process involves working directly with you to understand your business and the nuances of your industry to incorporate those unique factors into the valuation analysis.

We offer more value for business valuation services

As part of our service, we bring a business consultant’s perspective to each assignment. We assess the businesses operations, industry, and market as well as owners’ plans and goals for the business and its future.

Your valuation assignment will be completed in accordance with current valuation theory and research as well as standards and guidelines established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for business valuation services.

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Forensic Accounting

Forensic Accounting is a specialized area of accounting and financial investigation. These services are needed anytime there is a financial business legal issue that requires litigation. Forensic accounting also goes hand-in-hand with financial fraud detection and investigation. This specialized accounting is needed for the following:

  • Assessing cost identification, accumulation, and allocation, e.g. analysis of sales records to determine rental payments pursuant to a lease agreement
  • Comparing performance or operations with the requirements of contracts, leases, grants, or other authority, e.g. Federal Acquisition Regulations
  • Determining accounting relationships and comparison with industry data
  • Determining solvency and identifying preferential payments related to bankruptcy matters
  • Identifying and classifying the receipts and disbursements
  • Investigating and analyzing financial evidence
  • Tracing and classifying assets

In addition to financial fraud, forensic accounting examines documents and financial data in a critical manner to draw conclusions or comparisons with industry or historical data. From this analysis, we may determine relationships or ratios to identify irregular patterns or suspicious transactions. These findings are converted to exhibits for presentation to management, a mediator or arbitrator, or to either a judge or jury if a case proceeds to trial.

Forensic Accounting takes a closer look

Our approach to forensic accounting means we look at more than the numbers. Our scope of investigation looks behind the numbers too. There may be situations, however, where there either are no records or the records are fragmented. In such instances, it is necessary to reconstruct the records for purposes of analysis or presentation to others. There are also times when the books and records make no sense in the context of the business or its operations. These situations may require the comparison of records to industry benchmarks or other analysis to determine the entity’s results of operations.

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Litigation Support

We provide a broad range of litigation support services for clients and their counsel. We have qualified in numerous state and federal courts to provide expert testimony on the work product resulting from business valuation and damage calculation or forensic accounting assignments.

We work with your legal counsel

Our efforts before trial are often as important as the trial itself. We have the skills to assist in the discovery process by developing document requests, helping prepare interrogatories, conducting interviews, and assisting in pre-trial depositions. We have assisted counsel as consulting experts assessing claims against clients, developing preliminary estimates of value or damages, and identifying documents or issues in a potential matter or claim. Additionally, we provide reviews of other financial theories of a case and assess the strengths and weaknesses of those theories.

We understand that anytime a business issue requires legal counsel and a potential trial, there are many questions and concerns. We work with clients to address complex financial, tax, and accounting issues. We help counsel sift through financial data and organize and quantify the financial information pertinent to the matter.

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Business Consulting

An accounting and financial reporting system is essential for any business. Businesses either in a start-up phase or facing a critical juncture must manage risk. Financial risk may be mitigated with planning, budgeting, accounting, and financial reporting.

We have worked with many start-up businesses and established companies experiencing growth and change to help them create business plans, develop budgets, design accounting and financial reporting systems, and analyzing operations.

Accounting Systems for Government Contracting Opportunities

A solid accounting system is critical for any company seeking or obtaining government contracts. The requirements for pre-award and incurred cost audits, indirect cost rates, and pricing proposals may mean the difference between acquiring or not acquiring a contract.

We have assisted numerous government contractors with designing their accounting systems, under going pre-award and incurred cost audits, and preparing incurred cost submissions.

Business Planning Consulting

Just as you would schedule regular maintenance for your home and your car, you should also schedule regular financial business planning for your company.

Regular business planning for privately held companies allows owners to properly chart taxable expenses and manage cash flow and revenue.

Regular business planning for corporations provides executives and management staff with the financial data they need to report to shareholders plans for growth, expenses, and personnel needs.

In both instances planning allows companies to prepare for change and make course corrections when the unexpected happens.

The Entrepreneurial Edge

For entrepreneurs, the planning process is both personal and corporate. Consider the following planning needs:

  • What are my financial requirements to pursue other interests or avenues of activity
  • If my plan is to transition ownership with the sale of the company, sale of stock to key personnel, or the creation of an ESOP, what planning decisions and company operational decisions must I make to maximize the attractiveness of the company for that change in ownership?

We have worked with entrepreneurs and closely held and privately owned businesses to optimize the company for presentation to other owners.

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